Five beautiful GILDED CAGE Bookstagrams – with quotes

“Go on,” some bookish friends encouraged me. “It’s lots of gorgeous pictures of books. You’ll love it.” So I joined Instagram. And they were right, and I did. But nothing quite prepares you for when the bookstagrammers get their hands on … your book!

I’m wowed by the artistry of these creators. So I’m going to feature some of my favourites in a series of posts, alongside a line from GILDED CAGE that I’ve picked to go with each. First up, in this post, are some incredible ‘layouts’, using all sorts of exquisite props!


I love this ominous dark one by @darkfaerietales_ (Bridget is so talented!) and those petals make me think immediately of blood…
“Her pale skirts floated on the widening pool of his blood. A crimson tideline crept up her dress.”


This breathtakingly stylish one from Kristen at @myfriendsarefiction is full of elegance and menace – so evocative of the great estate of Kyneston…
“It seemed like everything here was busy hunting everything else: the animals with wings and claws going after the animals with neither.”


This exquisitely outdoorsy one by Kimberly at @bookswoon stole my heart.
“Sunlight filtered through the tree canopy, making the already colourful foliage vivid and bright, like stained glass cast by someone who liked only the first half of the rainbow.”


The glittering bird and glowing lights from Rachael at @redrchl.reads made me think immediately of Kyneston’s magical gate, illuminated by Skill…
“Like molten metal flooding a casting mould, it bloomed with brilliant life: an effloresence of ironwork, leaves and fantastical birds.”


And finally, one of the very first bookstagrams GILDED CAGE ever received, and still one of my favourites, from @hafsahfaizal – who (as Icey Designs) also created this website! I heart Hafsah. The books, the box and the key are my favourite details in this one.
“She led him over to the box on the table, fished out the little key around her neck and fitted it to the lock. … Lifting the lid she carefully took them out, one by one. Eleven slim volumes bound in pale vellum.”

These amazing creators make these beautiful images purely for the love of it, and I, for one, am hugely grateful for their talent.

If you’re on instagram, check out and follow their fabulous accounts (using the links above) – or me! I’ll be posting another selection of fabulous bookstragrams soon…


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