ARCs in the wild! (part 1)

There’s little more thrilling – and terrifying – than knowing that your book is finally (finally!) out there in the world, in readers’ hands.

And because these first ‘advance reading copies’ (or AREs, as they’re also known in the US) of GILDED CAGE have been going out in July and August, some of them are being taken on holiday! Like these two copies….


Here’s the UK edition (with a special proof cover, rather than the final one), visiting Italy in the hands of the lovely Kari Rhiannon.

It’s in Limone sul Garda – that’s Monte Baldo on the other side of the lake! It also joined me in Venice for the day, but the logistics of trying to take a good book photo among all those tourists proved a challenge too much! GILDED CAGE, [Leigh Bardugo’s] Six of Crows, and a good local prosecco for €2 a flute was a match made in heaven. I’ve got 50 pages of GILDED CAGE left and I am absolutely terrified of how it could end.

And here’s the US edition out and about with Lianne Oelke (author of next year’s fabulous House of Orange, from IMG_3112 Clarion Books), with whom it had an unexpected adventure.  “I took GILDED CAGE on an epic hike, resulting in a baptism in the sub-alpine waters of British Columbia. Still readable…

As a lover of both swimming and Italy, I couldn’t be happier seeing my books enjoy themselves in places I wish I could be myself!

So if you or someone you know has an ARC of GILDED CAGE that’s going on an adventure, put a pic on Twitter or Instagram, hashtag it #gildedcage or tag me @DrVictoriaJames, and let me see what my ARCs are up to now they’ve been released into the wild!


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